Propane ice augers are preferred by many fishermen due to the fact that they aren’t reliant on electric to work. So as long as you have plenty of gas, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel and not being able to drill the hole you need.


Here are the 3 best gas ice augers you can buy right now from Amazon:

#3 – Jiffy 60-08-ALL Model 60

This Jiffy propane ice auger boasts the Jiffy engine which is designed to provide maximum torque and power. It has a high torque transmission, known as HTT which offers optimum gear ratio and a heavy-duty clutch. The engine is designed to increase engine energy and provide additional torque and drill faster and cleaner. The enlarged power point helps this drill grab the ice and provide a smooth, easy cut. There is a see-through fuel tank so you can keep track of the fuel level and never run out. This ice auger is ideal for the initial drill and for re-drilling ice holes.

This ice drill weight 35.5 pounds and has an 8″ blade. It operates at 52ccs and has a durable plastic cover on the exhaust.

#2 – XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC w/10″ Ice Bit

This gas powered ice auger offers a 2-stroke engine which is air cooled. This is a great choice whether you are drilling holes for ice fishing or digging holes for a mailbox or fence posts. No more need to hassle with a manual post hole digger or get the tractor out to use the post hole attachment. This auger can do both jobs. At only 34 pounds, it puts out 55cc and can dig holes up to three feet deep. The auger comes as an ice auger and a dirt digger attachment is available. This model comes with a 10″ auger bit and an 8″ bit is also available.

#1 – XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC W/8″ Ice Bit

One of the best propane powered ice augers on the market, the Xtremepower US can get the job done. It is a versatile auger which can easily be converted to a post hole digger. This auger comes with an 8″ ice auger bit which is perfect if you are drilling ice holes yourself. The dirt hole bit is also available. This auger only weighs 28 pounds making it easy to stick in a back pack. It is a vital addition to your ice fishing equipment. The engine puts out 55ccs and is powerful enough to cut the thickest ice. The additional dirt bits will dig a hole up to three feet deep.

These augers are perfect for creating ice fishing holes. They are powerful, yet are easily handled by just one person. We hope these gas ice auger reviews help you choose the perfect one for your needs.