One of the most important pieces of equipment any ice-fishing enthusiast needs is a good ice auger. There are many styles of ice augers, but the manual ice auger remains one of the most popular options. These augers consist of a very basic design, but many anglers still swear they are the best option when it comes to drilling holes for ice fishing.


Today’s designs which include ergonomic handles and new blade designs are much easier to use than the hand ice augers of the past. To help you find the best manual auger for you, we’ve listed our top three choices and all are available right now from

#3 – Strikemaster Mora Blade w/5″ Blade

This hand auger is easy to use and the included 5″ blade provides a clean cut with minimum strain on the back and arms. The auger only weighs seven pounds and can easily be carried in a back pack. The dimensions of this auger are 33″ x 9″ x 7″. This is a sturdy auger which will last you several seasons even if you’re drilling multiple holes every time you fish. The auger blades are constructed from high alloy carbon steel and are powdered coated to help prevent ice buildup on the blades. The auger boasts soft rubber grips which are easier on the hands and the handle system is ergonomically designed. The handle adjusts from 48″ to 57″.


#2 – Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora

This is a top-of-the-line hand ice auger. Available with 4, 5, or 6-inch blades it easily drills clean, tight holes through the ice. The blades are made from high allow carbon steel and are then powder coated to resist ice buildup. This auger is designed with a top handle knob and hand grip to make it easier to use.

The handle system has an ergonomic design that lessens the strain on the hands, arms and back and the handle adjusts in height from 48 inches to 57 inches. This auger only weighs seven pounds making it perfect to carry anywhere you are planning to ice fish. This ice auger is very easy to use and is perfect for the beginning hand auger ice fishing experience. Manufactured from high-quality materials, this ice auger is durable and will last several seasons.


#1 – Eskimo Ice Auger

Like the name implies, this ice auger is perfect for cutting through the ice and creating clean fishing holes. The steel blades are strong and easily replaced when they wear out. There are three sizes of blades available for this auger: 6″, 7″ and 8″. Each standard blade is durable and the straight design makes them cut through ice with ease. This auger has a cross bolt fastening system that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. The pommel design grip makes it easy to use this auger and reduces strain on the back and arms. Comes with a one year warranty.