If you want to automate the process of drilling through the ice, then an electric ice auger is the way to go. Unlike their propane powered counterparts, electric ice augers do not require gas to work and most importantly, do not have starting problems.


Even when they need to be well charged, a majority of these augers come with several batteries that will last for several days without recharging. And if you’re unlucky that the batteries run out of power, you can still have an extra power bank to recharge anytime you need to do so. It is advisable that you take good care of your batteries because they could fail to work if they freeze.

Here are the 3 best ice augers you can buy right now from Amazon:

#3 – Strikemaster Electra 12000DP Power Auger

You will definitely be surprised by how quick the Strikemaster Power Auger can put holes through the thickest of ice layers. Although priced like a propane powered auger, this electric auger bears numerous features that will go a long way in improving your fishing experience. To begin with, instead of having to pull it over and over, this electric auger has a flip switch that will get the machine working instantly.

Moreover, this machine works fast and efficiently. With its twin serrated stainless steel blades, this electric auger is capable of cutting through the hardest ice rocks. Besides being easy to set up, this machine is strong and durable.


#2 – ION X 40V 8-Inch Electric Auger, With Reverse

ION’s 40V electric ice auger is an absolute high-performance beast that features an 8-inch auger with a length of 34 inches. To start with the construction, this power ice auger is lightweight with only 21 pounds. This means that you can easily haul it from one place to the other. Despite being a bit pricey, this electric auger has an irresistible instant start and a back of renewable batteries. This machine bolsters all the reliability, quality and ease of the mother ION with its excellent ice auger technology.


#1 – ION 19150 40V 8-Inch Electric Ice Auger with Reverse

The best of all electric augers is the ION’s 19150 8-inch electric auger which is loved for its lightweight nature. Its design is also impeccable- its handlebars are wide-spaced and it has a large trigger button for comfortable and easy operation. This steel constructed auger can drill 8-inch diameter holes in a very short time. This machine features the most recent lithium ion battery technology meaning that you will not have to deal with fumes, oil or gases. All you have to do is recharge your battery, head out for the lake and start ice fishing.


We hope these electric ice auger reviews help you to choose the right one for your next fishing trip.

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